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How do I get a good automatic race start? Every time, almost every car passes me at the beginning.

When I start, I always hold the gas all the way down and still cars pass me. What can I do? This ended up getting me disqualified from a career mode race.


  • echo321echo321 Member Wheel Nut
    lol, only get on the throttle about 20-30%. Make sure you don't have (too much) wheelspin. Shortshifting might help as well...
  • pijinpijin Member Race Engineer
    edited June 12
    To get an average start every time, do about 30% throttle, and hold it there after launch up into 3rd gear (maybe 4th or 5th in rain. Short shifting bogs you down, so be gentle on the throttle until third gear at least, after which you can start feeding more throttle. Basically, to get a good start, you want to minimize wheelspin without short shifting which bogs you down. Definitely do not floor the throttle or short shift. Let the gears rev out but be easy on the throttle. Once you get this down, you can experiment with being more aggressive early in the acceleration, but again, if you cause wheelspin, you are losing relative ground 
  • sjsharp2010sjsharp2010 Member Champion
    Don't use too much throttle that's the best way and let the car get underway before you really push it that's what works best for me.

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  • speeddemon8021speeddemon8021 Member Team Principal
    It's also dependant on if your using TC as that tends to bog the car down a touch a no TC player will always get a better start then a TC user if they know how to start properly.
  • TentpolesTentpoles Member, Drivers New Car Smell
    I run medium TC. Go half throttle, max revs (13.5k, maybe only 12k in the wet), lean fuel, and floor it as soon as the lights go out. Then flick into rich as soon as the wheelspin stops (usually when you reach about 3rd gear). Gets me better starts than those around me online 9 times out of 10.
  • f1fan0543f1fan0543 Member New Car Smell
    edited June 17
    I drive without traction. I hold the revs at the start on full red lights not on purple lights as lights are going out the clutch should be realised. You should be increasing throttle up to 100% keeping car on the biting point to maximise launch. Try and keep car as straight as possible. Never hold or feather the throttle you should always be increasing the throttle for a rocket start. Always shift on full purple lights, If rear kicks out use wheel or pad to counter steer to keep car straight and keep on the power rears will grip up with out losing time.  
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