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ONRUSH | v1.03 [PS4] & RU connection issues

Hi all! 

Those of you on PS4 may have noticed a little update yesterday! (June 11th) 

v1.03 addresses the issue that some users were having with getting stuck on the 'waiting for players' screen.

I'm also aware some Russian players have been experiencing problems connecting to online games, here is a potential workaround for you:
- Allow connections to *.gamesparks.net on port 443 TCP.
- To find a multiplayer match it’s ports 5000 – 10000 TCP and UDP to *.gamesparks.net .


  • KeshaStationKeshaStation Member New Car Smell
    edited June 12
    Umm... We are Russian players dont good in this. Can you explain  how to use it?

  • StepanArveladzeStepanArveladze Member New Car Smell
    edited June 12
    This should be written in the port settings in the router? If so, then I'm doing something wrong. Either that does not work
  • arookCMarookCM Community Manager
    Hi both - So you have to: Log into the router, go to advanced and change the range.

    Alternatively, if your router has a firewall, you can disable it and that should allow access to online play.

    Sorry you're having these issues! I hope you get online soon. 
  • KeshaStationKeshaStation Member New Car Smell
    Hello, I can not change the settings of the router, tk. Asus' routers are strange and do not want to enter the settings. There are no other ways, if not, you can return the money?
  • BattletoadsBattletoads Member New Car Smell
    @arookCM In final release the game use same network principle of connection like in beta? Because on beta i doesn not have any connection problems. So i tried to disable firewall in router and still have connection issues (only offline). Tried to use direct connect without router and... same problem.
    Xbox One GT - battletoads2009
  • FZXFZX Member New Car Smell
    Hi, also I have problem in online game with Xbox version onrush, the system say join the room but never happened.
    please fix this iussue, I can play other games in multiplayer.
  • MLTKMLTK Member New Car Smell

    I've been prowling your way, but that's not what helped. All the rest of the PS4 games work well online. Only your game does not work. Why should we deal with the problem for our money?
  • improlightimprolight Member New Car Smell
    This solution did not help anybody, who meet this problem, so Codemasters need to investigate more. Otherwise give some answer to people, who have bought your game
  • BattletoadsBattletoads Member New Car Smell
    edited June 21
    Guys, if you live in Russia and cant play online try to use vpn servises if it possible. And say thanks to RKN (Roskomnadzor). With vpn i can play online.
    P.S. on Russian:
    Парни, если вы живете в России и не можете играть онлайн, то попробуйте использовать vpn сервисы. Судя по всему можно сказать спасибо нашему любимому роскомпозору. Через vpn спокойно зашло в игру. 
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    Xbox One GT - battletoads2009
  • MLTKMLTK Member New Car Smell
    I tried to go through the VPN server, on another operator, but there was nothing that did not help ...

    Пробывал заходить через VPN сервера, на другом операторе, но не чего не помогло...
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