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Frequent screen freezes


I'm getting frequent, big screen freezes in F1 2018. It does meet performance requirements. I set priority to high in task manager, set graphics to lowest possible and I still get them. Makes it unplayable online - singleplayer is fine but I have to rewind from time to time. Any idea how to fix it?


  • hyjalhyjal Member Unleaded
    When you say "does meet performance requirements" that's equal if I say I ate today. List your specs and we can go further than "it might run or not".
  • TheMorvic03TheMorvic03 Member New Car Smell
    i5-6300HQ 2.30GHz
    8 GB RAM
    64 bit Win10
    GTX 960M
    1TB HDD
  • hyjalhyjal Member Unleaded
    Those specs are exactly what would able the game to start, but no way in any shape or form will run the game properly. As your gpu is 960m, it's extremely weak to run newer games and even the old ones. I had 960 which was able to run f1 2017 with medium settings 60 fps. The letter m in your gpu means that it's mobile version -> lower clocks + (weaker chip), therefore less performance. And as it seems you're running the game on laptop with old gpu, there's no way to fix your problem, even if it's overheating or not. I'm not even sure if I could say there's a problem since the iron you have inside the laptop is way too old and low powered compared to something that can actually run the game.

    What's the fps on that machine? barely 20? Have you ever seen gameplay that's over acceptable levels? I would make assumption that you're kid with not that much money lying around? Or you could be adult as far as I know. Anyway the only way to "fix" this "problem" is buying actual gaming laptop that can run the games, which I don't recommended, since it will not be cheap. The thing you want is either console or pc. To be honest console would fit much better for your needs than pc. 

    Buy console ps4 or xbox one. Both are great choices and especially since the prices has came down. You can pick up ps4 + f1 2017 less than 300€. Even cheaper deal would be to find used console for around 150€ price tag.
  • TheMorvic03TheMorvic03 Member New Car Smell
    It runs comfortably at 60-80 FPS.... It's just stuttering, screen freezing for 0,5-1 second every few seconds or so. Sometimes 10s, sometimes a minute. Thing is, the laptop runs most of the games comfortably at an acceptable level. Yes, I've seen it.
    Could you not assume I'm a stupid 9 year old kid with autism, could you? Would be really greatful for that too.
  • hyjalhyjal Member Unleaded
    I spent over ten minutes to write some kind of a "helpful" troubleshooting piece. Your question wouldn't have took that much brain power to figure out by yourself. How old is the laptop? Well if it's old you might want to check those temperatures if they reach near maximum, but I guess since you're big boy you don't have to know nor tell it to the people who uses their FREE TIME to try and help you.

    After you have monitored those temperatures for some time (when they level), if they hit over 90 you might have simple overheating issue. If the laptop is old, there might be lots of dust inside the laptop blocking the ventilation.

    Second thing you should check is if the drivers are up to date.

    Are you using overclocking software or something that line? If yes, have you tried without them?

    Is there error codes? I assume there ain't one, since you haven't listed one.

    When you say "big screen freezes" do you mean the screen won't refresh imagine for certain amount of time? AKA what people call screen freeze. How long does this event last? How does it recover?

    And finally when does this occur? Is it immediately when you start the game or after 10, 20 or 30 minutes?

    If you triggered when I assumed you were a kid, maybe just maybe try to give something to work on. And part of that it was referring to buy console or pc. And I clearly stated in next sentence that you could be adult as far as I know. So no I didn't assume you were kid nor adult. What I assume was not-so-much-into-tech guy. Since there was no information at all what your problem was.
  • Akkan74Akkan74 Member Wheel Nut
    Try to switch on/off vsync and run the ingame benchmark. What does it say for min and max fps?
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