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[PC/Europe] Not a league, but clean lobbies

D4h4r4D4h4r4 Member New Car Smell
edited June 2018 in F1 Games - Leagues
We're not a league. But if youre looking for clean races without the commitment of a league come join us. All you need is a copy of F1 2017, a good ping to europe and you need to be a clean driver. That's it. We're racing every other evening. Most times at 7pm CEST. You can join us here: https://discord.gg/NhcbPgZ and get some more information here: https://f1.coratex-gaming.de/


  • TheDoxterTheDoxter Member New Car Smell
    Are the races streamed or not? I participate in some racing leagues and I think this races could be preparation for the racing leagues. What do you think? Is the level pretty high or not?
    Thanks for all!!!
  • D4h4r4D4h4r4 Member New Car Smell
    edited June 2018
    Theyre not being streamed (yet?). Ofc you can use them as preparation, practice, whatever. As long as one drives clean everybody is welcome
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