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F1 2018 T-Cam and Cockpit Cam screenshots

DW22DW22 Member New Car Smell
In cockpit cam you have the option to remove the center bar of the halo for better visibility. Removing the halo completely is not possible.


  • mantazzomantazzo Member, Drivers Co-Driver
    Funnily enough I was actually thinking this might be the simplest and almost the best solution for cockpit cam - just allow people to hide the middle bar, "emulate" what we should see.
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  • Cap10Cap10 Member Pit Crew
    saw the footage on IGN and must admit it looked nice and the car looks more predictable with the new suspension system and more grippy. 
  • stephensmattleestephensmattlee Member Race Steward
    I guess they had to keep the top part of the halo due to the sponsors/branding? Very happy to see that they’ve given us the option to remove the center bar 😊. Still hoping for a semi transparent option or shadowed effect to the center bar but either way I’m very happy with how Codemasters implemented it this year. 
  • Well,F1 2018 still haven't OFFICAL HUD??????
  • TomskiPlTomskiPl Member Wheel Nut
    Looks like steering wheel finally have correct size! I love new gloves model. Big + for this two things.
  • TomskiPlTomskiPl Member Wheel Nut
    edited June 2018
    In race mode, position HUD is similar to official! 

  • martblokemartbloke Member Co-Driver
    Not to mention the steering wheel has the delta on now! Needs more menu items on there but this is a good addition at least. 
  • liveTOwinliveTOwin Member Petrol Head
    TomskiPl said:
    In race mode, position HUD is similar to official! 

    Similar? It's a pretty bad replica.Fake! Again no official graphics..........
  • LemagragLemagrag Member New Car Smell
    I hope they have a t-cam camera to see the mirrors.
  • CavSTiagoCavSTiago Member Race Steward
    The new cockpit cam in F1 2018 is very realistic! Thanks, @jennyannem
     I like it :) <3
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