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Any PC Oceania leagues?

mojojomosmojojomos Member New Car Smell
Looking for a Pc league or clean lobbies that work with New Zealand times. 
Current race no assists but do use RL and auto gears.


  • ilikefastilikefast Member Wheel Nut
    Check AORwebsite they run an oceana league
  • ilikefastilikefast Member Wheel Nut
    Www.apexonlineracing.com is their websit
  • mojojomosmojojomos Member New Car Smell
    hey ilikefasr. have checked them out already. believe they only have those leagues for Ps4 on Xb1
  • CrazerLaPdCrazerLaPd Member New Car Smell
    Hi. Checkout http://oceaniaonlineracing.com 
    We run a competitive PC F1 2017 leagues for Oceania and surrounding regions and into our 2nd season. We currently have 4 tiers. If you join now, you might be able to get a reserve seat for tier 4.
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