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Unable to log into Racenet

Has anyone else experienced problems with logging into Racenet yesterday and today.?
I am not able to log in and race in today's events and I haven't received any rewards for yesterday's races.
Cheers Eckblad


  • 88stix8888stix88 Member New Car Smell
    Yep been like it since Thursday and we are not alone. I have no clubs, daily’s, community events at all.
    i already had this recently with Dirt Rally and now with Dirt 4.
    its cost me in club leagues, prize money, I have had it with Codemasters there after sales service is,shocking and I really don’t think they give a monkeys
  • 88stix8888stix88 Member New Car Smell
    Let us know if you get any improvement or response and I will do the same, I’ve already mailed them, but so far no reply
  • LudwigVonMisesLudwigVonMises Member Co-Driver
    Been on and off the last few days. 95% off. Can't access in-game, and the Clubs pages on the website take too long to load or throw 500 errors. It's down again right now.
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