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"Geared Up" Trophy/Achievement glitched?!!!

As the discussion name represents we think "Geared Up" Trophy/Achievement is glitched. On playstation trophies forums we discussed this and count the gears with every method that came to our minds and nothing adds up. There are even level 100 (and much more) level guys that couldn't get the trophy.

Please investigate this issue. Here is the link to the pstrophies forums.

and sorry for my bad english.



  • TheKazzyMacTheKazzyMac Member Wheel Nut
    I have the trophy, but I got it back on the 1.02 patch.

    With that in mind, maybe it's bugged on the 1.03 patch? Do you know if these players got the 250 gear items on 1.02 or has it been since 1.03?
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