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Snowbound Dirt Enforcer challenge nearly impossible

I've played through most of the campaign and really enjoyed it but there is one event challenge that seems nearly impossible. I'm talking about the Snowbound Dirt event. The challenge is to get five shut down takedowns or assists. I've tried for hours and I simply can't beat it. There are a few things that make this challenge unnecessarily hard. The team AI is too good and wins both rounds most of the time, even if you don't drive through any gates. That means you only get a short amount of time to beat the challenge. Trying to extend the event by driving badly doesn't work. The shutdown ability seems to fail to g register sometimes. Enemy AI often uses bikes so you often get takedowns even if you don't want to. The track features too many ramps/jumps so it's really hard to get anywhere near the enemy AI for this kind of challenge. I really don't know how to beat this final challenge to maximize my Superstar rating. Even after hours of trying I don't feel like I'm any closer to beating this thing. Thanks for reading this rant.


  • octipiqoctipiq Member New Car Smell
    I enjoy the game but the AI seems to be lopsided. The AI in your team are clumsy and seldom up in the front, and the AI on the opposing team are sometimes impossible to beat. It seems very hard to take down the computers team. I hit a bike with the titan 7 times and it wouldn't go down . It turned into my back tire just once and I was toast. Watching the replay I  couldn't believe that it was so lopsided. They really need to fix that.
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