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Since Latest Update Dirt 4

Hi all, I've been playing Dirt 4 for a year or so now on and off. I completed all career bar history era and just finished the 1st of 3 for the Triple Crown.
I have found I am going upside down a lot.. I hit a rock, I go up maybe 10 degrees, then suddenly I flip upside down like someone in the crowd has a huge magnet they just turned on!
Is this just me or is anyone else experiencing this? This can happen even when going very slow, I'm not sure if it is certain places that have a bug/glitch as the stages are quite long on the Triple Crown Rally so not really interested in repeating them and trying to remember where it all went wrong!
As it is the Crown and the AI are a little tougher than the standard I assumed at first I was just pushing too hard or not paying enough attention to the co-driver but as it happened again and again even through slow corners with very low bumps I am thinking most definitely there is an issue with the dynamics with the game, possibly since the latest update?

Would love to know if anyone else is having this issue who hadn't previously, especially the slight 2 wheel suddenly going extreme roof slide (without turning into the cartwheel).. ;)


  • ChironTheseusChironTheseus Member Pit Crew
    Spain is the one that gets me upside down going over the smallest stones even. The others are all good.
  • LittleAppleLittleApple Member Unleaded
    edited June 28
    I increase my rollbar stiffness in car setup when i find im get flipped upside down allot.

    It happens mostly on the UK to me when im pushing really hard on some of the very aggressive high speed dips. It also happens if i've made some wreckless offroad journeys that damaged the suspension to medium and higher.

    Edit: it probably happens allot on sweden too but i avoid sweden like the plague. I really dont like they corner and bumpy sections that the game generates.
  • ChironTheseusChironTheseus Member Pit Crew
    Lol well I love Sweden but yes I have to be careful there, you can get sucked into the high snow walls so easily! Spain however, one race I was almost flipping every corner! Was crazy! Thank you for the good advice, I will keep that in mind for the historic rallies I have yet to complete fully :)
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