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Vehicle Balance (Suggestion Inside)

Maurice1988Maurice1988 Member New Car Smell
After playing this game way too much. I am starting to enjoy it less and less each day. I know the game has only been out for 2 weeks but the game is poorly balanced. The smaller vehicle which I enjoy aren’t viable. I don’t know why takedown potential is not equal across all vehicle types. Quite silly how a bikes cant takedown cars and trucks unless you land a crush or with ultimate. Quite silly how buggies can not takedown trucks unless you land a crush or with ultimate. The faster acceleration is barely a positive when all vehicle drive the same max speed.

If ranked mode comes before the game is properly balanced all we will see is teams consisting of dynamo/titan/enforcer. The name of game is survivability and takedowns no matter which mode you play :( 

 The intro video for blade says “ pull off 360 flips to hit rush before your opponents even have a chance”. Make you think if constantly performing tactic for rush fuel that you will reach rush before the other vehicles. My idea is to give smaller vehicle more rush fuel when performing vehicle requirements. The further “right” you go on the vehicle selection screen the less you gain for performing rush fuel requirements. I don’t know how this will effect overdrive but we already have a mode where larger vehicles dominant called lockdown.

P.S. ...Please remove the vehicle restrictions in multiplayer. At launch it wasn’t there and that way you will get proper statistics on vehicle use. I guarantee few player will ever use bikes or buggies.

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  • TheKazzyMacTheKazzyMac Member Wheel Nut
    IMO a bike being able to take out a truck by ramming the back bumper is unrealistic. Bikes are small and have no weight; if each class had equal takedown capability the meta would shift to bikes because they're small and hard to hit and they're nimble, so it'd be easier for them to line up a bank shot. Why would anyone use the heavier class when it just leaves them a big target to something that can dodge and duck and they can't move to avoid?

    I've taken out trucks several times using a buggy, btw. It's harder in multiplayer because latency desync causes most hard hits to cause stagger instead of takedowns, but on corners it's still quite easy to double-tap them into a wall. You also have to bear in mind that trucks are horrible at handling; not only that but they have poor aerial magnetism and their rushes are also the weakest of all of the vehicles - compared to the bikes, which have the strongest.

    I'm not discounting your opinion, because I've played you online. Bikes, I admit, probably do need a slight buff in the rush-gaining department -- definitely the Blade, because its gimmick is backflips/frontflips and it's not possible to do more than three, maybe four per circuit and you get only 2% per flip whereas the Outlaw gets much, much more per jump because all it requires are tricks. THAT SAID bikes can also earn boost by tricks -- something no other vehicle can. They're surprisingly good in Overdrive and Countdown if you can keep yourself out of trouble.

    You just have to play with a different mindset when using a bike. Overdrive isn't about wrecking opponents, it's about boosting. On a lot of tracks bikes can chain jumps and literally boost forever, and then at that point your goal should be to maintain that chain and keep out of trouble -- and learn how to bait opponents trying to wreck you into becoming targets for an aerial crush or for a larger team-mate. Larger vehicles will always be dominant in Lockdown and I expect that, but don't discount the smaller vehicles just because you can't wreck other cars with them as easily.

    (( btw -- vehicle restrictions change randomly when the playlist resets on Mondays and Fridays. Yes, it's annoying, but look at it as a way to learn how to handle different vehicles. ))
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  • Maurice1988Maurice1988 Member New Car Smell
    Even though bikes gain boost from tricks. You have to keep in mind that when you score a takedown or even an assist. You gain a full bar of boost. Not only that but the opposing team is not scoring for 10 seconds. I have had success with smaller vehicles but I have much easier time with cars and truck no matter which mode I play. When rank comes I feel it is not worth the effort to pick them when playing people of similar skill and of course playing to win. Yes you can checkout takedown any vehicle but I argue a high level player knows all the hot points. I try to never drive by walls. 

    I agree with this poster tier list. However I would switch the charger for interceptor.
  • Maurice1988Maurice1988 Member New Car Smell
    edited June 25
    If you are only getting rush ultimate 1-3 times a game. Then you are pretty useless on a bike or buggy most of the game. My suggestion is for smaller vehicles to gain rush faster as they can not takedown opponents without in it most cases. :smile:💕
  • TheKazzyMacTheKazzyMac Member Wheel Nut
    edited June 25
    I will admit that I feel that the Enforcer is the strongest class in the game but I'm also a relatively high-skill player and I feel like the lighter vehicles are being undermined just because they're easier to take out. If a high-level player knows all the 'hot points' of a track then likewise they should just as easily know how to work that both ways; I feel like bikes are underrated as a result because 'most' people simply use the trucks because they're 'easier' and aren't taking into account higher-skill techniques such as reading/baiting other opponents (something I see happen a lot in Switch, and something that bikes and buggies are adept at and that trucks find difficult to respond to).

    I'm not doubting the opinions. I just feel that a lot of people are basing the opinions on ease-of-access. Like I said I don't doubt the strength of the enforcer and maybe the bikes *could* use a buff of some sort to make their 'glass cannon' status more meaningful.

    Interceptor is also horribly underappreciated. Just saying. :/


    The comments on that thread are solid discussion, btw. Like I concur, I simply believe that the 'skill ceiling' of the lighter vehicles is higher and that, as many people are admitting, in the right hands an Outlaw or Blade is outright disgusting. I can also take out buggies in a bike, so, y'know.
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  • Maurice1988Maurice1988 Member New Car Smell
    edited June 26
    Well if the front of your vehicle hit their side door you can takedown anything but this easier said then done with people constantly boosting. They also take more damage when you ram someone who is not boosting. I am not sure if enhanced boosting from the vortex and interceptor increases damage.
  • TheKazzyMacTheKazzyMac Member Wheel Nut
    It increases speed, and speed directly equates to damage (gleaming this from the tooltips on loading screens) so that's what I'd assume.

    If I hit someone's door online I'm usually the one that bounces off with a stagger warning :P Latency sucks.
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  • blackxinoblackxino Member New Car Smell
    why is it that it is hard for me to catch up with other players cars I see despite using boost?
    but when I'm racing and using boost, enemy players easily catch up to me and hit me from side???

    that **** needs to be fixed ASAP.
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