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F1® 2018 – Supported Wheels And Controllers | Codemasters Blog

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imageF1® 2018 – Supported Wheels And Controllers | Codemasters Blog

Who’s ready for F1® 2018 on the 24th August? We’re very happy to reveal the supported wheel, controller and general peripheral list for all platforms – PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One – and you can check them all out below.

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  • LLOYD1985LLOYD1985 Member New Car Smell
    Will the PC version support Xbox Controllers with the official release? The Xbox Controllers aren't listed.
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  • NacsyxNacsyx Member New Car Smell
    Will the game finally support Thrustmaster 458 Italia wheel? Please i beg you
  • ATIATI Member New Car Smell
    does it supports several inputs at the same time? (PC)
  • PacedriverPacedriver Member New Car Smell
    Hello Codemasters,
    can you add the LSB&RSB-Buttons on G920 for XBoxOne(X)-Version? Because they didn't work.
    Like [email protected](X), there you can use Paddles for shift up/down & can use LSB&RSB for others Funktions!
    P L E A S E
    & thanx_jens leck
  • AlainMeganeAlainMegane Member New Car Smell
    bonjours a tous je voudrais savoir si sur f1 2018 ps4 peut,on passer les vitesse avec la boite en h sur les anciennes formule1 moi j,ai essayer ca ne fonctionne pas , es que des pilotes y arrive et comment? moi j,ai mi la bonne configuration manuel avec embrayage .jai le csl elite ps4 +boite en h fanatec .je vous remercie pour toute vos réponse a bientôt sur les piste les potos 
  • F1RCBase25F1RCBase25 Member New Car Smell

    ist es möglich mit einem Patch bei der Traktionskontrolle niedrig einzustellen ? also es giubt ja Komplett Mittel und aus  das zwischen Mittel und aus noch Niedrig kommt das höre ich öfter das es fehlt. und Strenge wie Real F1  fährt man wie F1 Real hat man gleich strafe das passt nicht. Mfg 
  • PetrHumhalPetrHumhal Member New Car Smell

    I would like to ask, if the game F1 2018 - Headline Edition for PC, will work with the device, Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 Wheel Add-on with Thrustmaster T300 RS GT Edition.

    thank you for answer Petr
  • RTorralbaRTorralba Member New Car Smell
    Hola.Se puede utilizar el volante T-GT para F1 2018 en ps4?? Thanks...
  • agnusrockagnusrock Member New Car Smell
    when will we have an update to improve the view and visibility effects of rain and car sprays?

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