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F1 2017 PC - Promoting to First Driver Bug?

Hello guys... I started my career at McLaren and I got promoted to first driver in like 7-8 races into the season.
After 2 seasons I left for RedBull and man im getting desperate.

Of the 20 races, Riciardo finished on top of me only 2 times. I was in like 15 races in the purple territory (exceeding expectations or something) and in fact in one race I heard Jeff saying "Now lets go for the first driver" or something like that, but it never happened!
We won the constructors, I won the drivers championship but still no promotion.

No I am in season 4 (2nd with Red Bull) and I am on my 3rd race with still no promotion. Even though we got the best car in the grid I consider leaving after Silverstone because I am certain now that I will never get promoted because it's bugged.

Anyone else experienced this?


  • Nathaniel653Nathaniel653 Member New Car Smell
    I have the same thing in F1 2016, I was promoted in Renault in 4 races, then I moved to Haas and was 20 races in and I was still 2nd. I was in purple as well just like you! I have restarted the career mode 2 times since then and nothing, no promotion. :'(
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