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Random mechanical issues in career - Why AI gets them but the player doesn't?

This is one of my biggest gripes in F1 2017's career mode. It becomes too easy to win the championship when it's almost certain that your competitors will get at least one or two races where they slow down or retire with mechanical issues, while you can easily avoid it by not running the parts down to 100% wear.

There should be a setting in career that lets you control whether everyone, including you, can get random mechanical issues, or to remove them altogether, with the added mechanic that investing in durability upgrades also reduces the chance of sudden mechanical issues.


  • echo321echo321 Member Wheel Nut
    Frustrating to have AI retire so often by mechanical failure, but you as player never have such a problem...
  • WorntoathreadWorntoathread Member, Drivers Champion
    Agree 100%. I understand the reasoning for not giving players random failures, but at least give us the option to turn them off for the AI then. All your rivals are getting multiple random DNF's a season while your car has perfect reliability apart from the manageable wear, so it ruins the point battles when it's close on track.

    I actually won my career championship like this, I was a couple of points apart from my team mate, only to have him randomly retire in the middle of a battle during the final race of the season, it felt like cheating.
  • R4pp3rR4pp3r Member Race Steward
    The reason is they dont want the arcade people crying when they get to lap 72 of 73 and their car breaks down because that's life and it's supposed to be a sim game so they dumped it down for the dummies and you can only get DRS failures 
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  • bassserbassser Member Wheel Nut
    Just make parts wearing faster sometimes in an unpredictable way, lets say you start with all parts at 20% and don't expect anything to happen, but then by a failure one part wars pretty quick and reaches hich percentages after a short amount of laps...
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  • WynterdustWynterdust Member Team Principal
    echo321 said:
    But there is no reason to not make it a setting, so that the player can choose whether he wants to be affected by random mechanical failures or not...
    This pretty much. The argument has always been that it would annoy a majority of the player base having their car break down with them having no control over it. But giving them a setting: "Terminal failures: On/Off/AI only" is such a simple solution to please every kind of player.

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  • Ujhelyi91Ujhelyi91 Member Wheel Nut
    I don't have an option with AI breaking down but what is annoying is that it is always at least one driver from the top teams. Every damn race, if it's not Vettel, it's Kimi. If not him then Hamilton etc
  • blakeymikeyblakeymikey Member New Car Smell
    Have to say from what im seeing is that this maybe only a career mode issue. I play chpionship mode and my last race last weekend at silverstone was a tough race but all my nearest competitors finished the race and i only beat them on strategy so i hate to say it but career mode isnt all its.crack up to be. 
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