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New DRS zones

Will this year's game have all the new DRS zones added, and any added after the game release will we get updates to have them added as needed?  How will this be handled?
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  • Tunari89Tunari89 Member Wheel Nut
    The game probably won't have all new 3rd DRS zones on tracks, that have 3 DRS zones at launch. But I do believe, that the new zones will be patched in at later dates. When Codies see on which tracks there is new DRS zones and which tracks doesn't have.
  • dwin20dwin20 Member Wheel Nut
    Interestingly the F1.com website doesn't have the third DRS zone for Silverstone, at this point. 
  • robin8frobin8f Member Wheel Nut
    Since they can't be bothered to update kerbs & track surfaces i very much doubt that the new DRS zones will be added at launch
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