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AI Wet Weather Strategy

DPaton23DPaton23 Member Wheel Nut
So just ran a race at Silverstone in my career with Mclaren.  I am in the first season with minimal upgrades to the car.  Quailfied P 15.  The race started dry but was forecasted to start raining mid to late race (I only race 25% races.  Dont have the time for much more).  So I decided to start the race on a harder compound, betting that it was going to start raining later, and planned on trying to hold out until I had to come in for Inters.  This EASILY allowed me to exploit the AI since they all started on softer compounds, came in for the mandatory harder compound, then about a lap later the whole field pitted again for inters as it had indeed started raining.  This allowed me to get a 2nd place finish with a car that should consider anything in the top 12 or 15 a win.  I pitted once...everyone else pitted twice. 

I hope they can address the dimwitted AI in regards to wet weather strategy in 2018. 
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  • echo321echo321 Member Wheel Nut
    zmakli said:
    I've just seen 3 things in a race of mine where I have two teams, when i'm available I watch 2d on my main account and always set up an absent strategy etc. for the B team.
    wrong game? lol
  • ChironTheseusChironTheseus Member Co-Driver
    There are always issues here but it gets worse if it goes dry wet dry or vice versa! But at least they don't cheat as in previous versions where they could race full pace in wet weather with slicks.. There is no keeping up with that!!
    If you want a good challenge just follow their lead, after all there are times it rains later or earlier than predicted so just going with it can actually help. Only thing is, that way doesn't praise your smarts so much for having a superior strategy lol!
    Carystus PS4 Pro
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  • Dez0808Dez0808 Member Pit Crew
    Also the shorter the race the more these effects the outcome. When you get to 50% and above the pace of the front runners can overcome many poor pit choices
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