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Signs Ups for Racing Formula League on XB1

masterswag1234masterswag1234 Member New Car Smell
edited July 12 in F1 Games - Leagues
Hey guys I am 1 of the owners for Racing Formula League But to keep it short it’s called RFL. We have our sign ups open are looking to gain people to sign up to our league for f1 2018 for season 2. The league will be on a Saturday at 9pm uk time and the more people we get the more likely we can get a tier 2 going.

If your interested in joining us either search Racing Formula League on twitter and send the league account a dm or just tell me your GT and I’ll talk to you on Xbox about signing up.

My GT is VapidCoot74 if you want to get in touch about singing up.

Many Thanks



  • masterswag1234masterswag1234 Member New Car Smell
    Also forgot to say 

    The format for the league is 
    Short Quilfying 
    50% race
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