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F1 2017 wheel traction feedback

So I’ve been a pad user for almost two years and now I’ve got a Logitech momo for F1 2017. 
Straightaway I feel weird. The steering was nice and sharp I love it. But there’s basically no vibration feedback on traction. 
So I run no assists. When I was using a pad I know my traction limit cuz the controller will vibrate at the limit. Now I have to guess my braking and accelerating. Because I feel nothing. 
I would like to know if it is my wheel being too old or this is a common thing and I should get used to it. Cheers


  • kraM1tkraM1t Member Co-Driver
    edited July 12
    It's normal, you'll know you're over the traction limit when accelerating because the wheel will want to turn as the back end starts to go.

    Tyres will lock if you have no more brakes left.

    Pad vibration is basically cheating IMO "YOU'RE ABOUT TO LOCK UP" "YOU'RE ABOUT TO SPIN TYRES"
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