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Where are the F1 2017 photos and saved games located?

F1 2017 is a blast but I cannot find where the photos I've taken and the saved games are located. I have searched without luck......help please.


  • Roberto31Roberto31 Member New Car Smell
    I was wondering as well where the saved games can be loaded. I made a mistake by picking a 6th MGUK while the 5th was worn for only 35%. I can only back to the saved race. 
  • LFSwickedLFSwicked Member Wheel Nut
    Not sure where the save is...Might be this: 
    Program Files\Steam\userdata\<random numbers>\515220\remote

    Documents\My Games\F1 2017\photos
  • soneillsoneill Member New Car Smell
    Found the photo's but the saved games are still MIA.....Thanks for the assist!

  • bassserbassser Member Wheel Nut
    Savegames are definetly not in the Documents/mygames part
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