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OnRush team layoffs

Sad times, I guess the game was a bit too experimental to make the money that Codemasters hoped for: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2018-07-23-layoffs-onrush-developer-evolution-driveclub-director-rushy-let-go

No idea if the PC version will ever surface, or not.


  • JackKeyJackKey Member Wheel Nut
    I hope it will still come for PC. Was looking forward to it for a while now.

    Thanks to the Onrush-Team for all their passion and good luck for the future.

  • stephensmattleestephensmattlee Member Race Steward
    Really sad news :(
    I must admit when I first followed that the Evolution Studios team had joined Codemasters I initially thought they were planning on doing something similar to DriveClub and possibly be working on a new Grid game. But when I heard about Onrush I was really intrigued about the game and still supported their direction and really wanted to see the game grow to become a huge success for them.  
    As others have said I really hope Rushy and the rest of the team affected find other roles quickly and I really look forward to seeing what future projects they might find themselves working on as they are clearly a very talented team of developers and deserve huge success. 
  • Operator1Operator1 Member, Drivers Champion

    ...I guess the game was a bit too experimental..

    "Too experimental?" It looks like an indie HD re-make of some 1990's bargain-bin battle-racer updated for modern mobile devices. Hopefully the team behind it lands on their feet working somewhere that won't waste their skills on such an obviously doomed project.

    *Disclaimer: my comments are only my own musings, not 
    'stating opinions as facts' or 'speaking for others.'
    #NeverPreOrder. It's outrageous that consumers have to BEG game companies to make games that reliably function properly. Consumers do NOT buy video games to waste their recreational time doing the unpaid work of paid professional testers. It's nonsense to imply game companies have no obligation to deliver games of consistently reliable functional quality just because "it's not easy & nothing is perfect & you can't please everybody." Company decision-makers listen to consumer spending, not consumer feedback; they don't care if it works properly as long as it SELLS, and every purchase is a vote of approval that helps fund more of the same. Money talks louder than requests & complaints. #VoteWithYourWallet

  • beezobeezobeezobeezo Member New Car Smell
    Rushy landed on his feet somewhere that fits him quite well. I'm super excited to see what comes from this.
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