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Logitech g920 buttons not working - Xbox One Dirt Rally

scatteredchoicescatteredchoice Member New Car Smell
I have a major issue with the result being I cant play Dirt Rally currently.. Due to a failed attempt to add a handbrake to my wheel rig for use in DR, i no longer have the use of the "B" and menu button on my g920 which for a while wasnt that bad as i already had my handbrake mapped to my clutch pedel and to access the pause menu i used the xbox button. but for some reason my settings reset to default and now i cant change my button config as you need to push "B" to exit the menu. And as far as i can tell DR is the only game (that i own) where u cant use a controller and wheel at the same time. i really dont want to fork out another $500 just to play DR !!!! Please help......! 


  • QikMik79QikMik79 Member New Car Smell
    Exactly what was your failed attempt? Have you damaged the circuit boards or other internals? 
  • scatteredchoicescatteredchoice Member New Car Smell
    I cant say for certain if i damaged the board, hot glue was used to fix one wire to the "B" location and i'm fairly certain the menu switch just needs to be resoldered as 1 point off the 4 that come from the switch has no solder on it. I lost count of the times i pulled it apart, attempted the work, put it back together to test.  
    After watching multiple YouTube vids about adding the handbrake i thought it was going to be a simple task. 
  • QikMik79QikMik79 Member New Car Smell
    Ahh, the handbrake mod attempt. Risk with soldering onto tracks is why most that I had seen was to the L/RB or L/RSB switches. I did mine off the B button though, carefully tapping off the circuit board. This was fiddly and a little risky, as if I damaged the tracks, the wheel unit would have been ruined as it seems you have discovered. But for me, using the B button was the only option as by default B button is handbrake in most games.

    How bad are the tracks. You say you hot glued one wire to the B location? Got a pic of what you have done? 

    Check out my video linked here. Any questions, fire away.

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