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A thank you to Evolution Studios

GuwangeGuwange Member New Car Smell
Not sure if many of the developers will read this but hopefully someone will pass on the sentiment.
I bought Motorstorm on release and thought it was the best game on PS3 at the time. I thoroughly enjoyed all the sequels too, Pacific Rift being my personal favourite. I bought Driveclub and watched it evolve from a 6/10 disappointment to a 9/10 classic, so thank you for the hard slog finishing the game with Sony on your backs. A refreshingly challenging and beautiful racing game that treads the line between arcade and sim.
Like many Motorstorm fans I was disappointed when Onrush was revealed not to be the new Motorstorm and maybe that was its downfall, but I took a punt and it's the most addictive online game I've played in many a year. Totally unique, designed and balanced in a way that must have taken a lot of love and play-testing. Sorry the gamble didn't pay off and best of luck with the future. Any developer would be lucky to have you.
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