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ONRUSH update

Hey guys, thanks for your patience. As you can imagine it's been a rather difficult week at Codies. However, I want to reassure ALL of you that we are still committed to supporting ONRUSH 1000000%.
We have a rather sizeable update, that may or may not include something you've all been asking for, at the start of August ;)

Then, following on from that, we have several other BIG things coming your way that I just know you'll all absolutely love.

Thanks for all of your continued support. We really appreciate it! You're all heroes! 


  • UP100UP100 Member Race Engineer
    Nice to see you're still here. Any news about a PC version of the game?
  • WorntoathreadWorntoathread Member, Drivers Champion
    Good to hear that, best wishes to all of you guys, I hope it turns out all right :)
  • arookCMarookCM Community Manager
    UP100 said:
    Nice to see you're still here. Any news about a PC version of the game?
    @UP100 - when we have any I'll be sure to update you all :) 
  • Jay84Jay84 Member New Car Smell
    I just saw the DELUXE dlc pack is in US ps store. Will it come to UK too thanks :) 
  • MarlbsMarlbs Member New Car Smell
    What is the Deluxe DLC pack?? What is in it?
  • Jay84Jay84 Member New Car Smell
    Marlbs said:
    What is the Deluxe DLC pack?? What is in it?

    The golden liverys pack x8 skins
    Ps4 "Inspired" livery's x8 
  • ExcaIiburExcaIibur Member New Car Smell
    Second week into August and still no exact date of this "sizeable update". I classify the start of August, August 1st, not sure about anyone else. Also your twitter account, whoever runs that is doing an abysmal job.

    Why is the winning team only in contention for MVP? Why do takedowns not go towards your score, if they do already, they don't make anywhere near enough of an impact towards your overall score to claim MVP. Doing multiple takedowns during countdown for example, that can affect the outcome of the game. Yet its not acknowledged enough, even though that's what the game is about. Its also interesting that I see so many people just go through the checkpoints (applies to other modes too), thinking that's enough to win the game. Its not. Also if I claim MVP and the next screen shows for example who had the most takedowns or most boost drained, why should it show someone else if I topped those scores too? That makes no sense, it also will show someone with a score of 0 on my team against the other team player, even though I scored points in that category... like what's that about?

    I think the end screen of when the scores are shown, needs a overhaul, so it shows everyone's individual performance and more detailed information. The daily challenge is annoying too, you might complete it, but it still swipes across the screen to tell me that, like I don't need to know for the 100th time. Also opening the gear crates, what a tedious waste of my time that is. I don't need to see some poxy animation, I don't want to waste my time holding down the A button... just let me open all the loot at once and be done with it. I currently have 101 unopen as of now, because I'm not gonna sit there again and waste my time. Whoever thinks that was or is a good idea, clearly lacks common sense. 

  • Jay84Jay84 Member New Car Smell
    Uk doesn't even have the Deluxe pack either when usa has had it a week. The support for this game is a joke. 
  • AwbuxtonAwbuxton Member New Car Smell
    This is ridiculous. You ask us to raise issues, we do and you ignore them and or do not respond. Why are the sound levels so low in this game on Xbox one x? I'm having to crank up my avr  to get any decent level of sound!!!  Please respond
  • UnkydanUnkydan Member New Car Smell
    on rush on my ps4 pro just keeps crashing on the tutorial screen it's totally unplayable every time I try to load it up it dies 5mins in every time????? Can't find any explanation anywhere not even Sony can explain it?????? Any ideas?
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