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The inside scoop on the F1® 2018 Steelbook | Codemasters Blog

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imageThe inside scoop on the F1® 2018 Steelbook | Codemasters Blog

‘Steel yourselves’ for some news… Here it is! We’re delighted to formally reveal this year’s stunning Steelbook™ design for F1® 2018, the official videogame of the 2018 FIA Formula One World Championship™. We think it’s a beauty that’s absolutely worthy of making headlines (see what we did there?), but here it is in its full glory so you can decide for yourself:

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  • WhiteMasterJPWhiteMasterJP Member New Car Smell
    Since F1 2010 i have all copy and already pre order F1 2018 in Xbox digital version but i really missed the box,box,box . if you have a spare send me one . the artwork on the steel box is awesome good job and thanks
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