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Formula E videogame

Hey guys. I want to ask about FE videogame. Are there any plans to do game like that? I'm not huge fan of the FE but I think it'll be cool to race on new track in different cars


  • patronaspatronas Member Wheel Nut
    Cant see it dont think fe hasent got an big enough fan base for a developer to pump load of cash into it would be a big risk seen fe on few weeks back thought see what its like and safe to say got turned over with in few minuites cars sounded terrible looked ****  see what mean about diffrent tracks and cars thow f2 would be better maybes a link up game with f1 so ur date transfers to f1  when complete f2 game finish with getting promoted to f1 then when buy f1 gameloads ur data from an account with ur f2 
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