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Audio Names



  • sebasdenbsebasdenb Member Wheel Nut
    What I really don't  untestand: In the english Version they put "Lewis" in, but not "Sebastian" or "Daniel".... Wouldn't it make sense to put at least all drivers names in each version, since the audio is comment has to record them anyway? 
    Lewis is a British surname.
  • sjsharp2010sjsharp2010 Member Champion
    alnchn said:
    any names like "The Canadian" (in Formula 1 97), "The World Champion" (in Formula 1 98) and "The Torpedo"
    I believe Aarava chose a nickname The engineer as his based on the vids he put up yesterday

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  • FilipeR10FilipeR10 Member New Car Smell
    fcp4life said:
    MrCosta96 said:

    Apparently, audio names are different per country. In Aarava's video, you see the english names.

    In this picture I have, its in french and it shows other names. You can compare it yourself.

    Great I live in the US but im Portuguese neither my first nor last name are on there... and im a Costa myself! 

    It exists in the Brazilian Language ;)
  • bassserbassser Member Wheel Nut
    Easiest would be, to add the possibility to simply record your own name with the micro or headset... shouldn't be that hard to implement... I mean they made it that we can speak to the engineer, how hard could it be to add such a simple function?
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