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Las Vegas Grand Prix 2024... Who's with me ?

Ginks72Ginks72 Member New Car Smell
edited August 2018 in World of Motorsport
Everyone knows this would be GREAT for F1 , no ?
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  • JiggyJiggy Member Petrol Head
  • Ginks72Ginks72 Member New Car Smell
    I think there's support for it...it's growing...
  • Ginks72Ginks72 Member New Car Smell
    ok so more like Las Vegas Grand Prix 2024
    thinking Spring Mountain Motor Speedway BUT, they would have to do a ton of track updates (seating, facilities etc etc) before they were ready...
  • SmokingPuppy841SmokingPuppy841 Member New Car Smell
    No.1 race per country...and a lot of places are better in the US than anywhere in Vegas.

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