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[PC] F1 2018 Intermediate European Racing League

ChillblastGhanaChillblastGhana Member New Car Smell
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With the upcoming release of F1 2018 we have now started recruiting drivers for a competitive but fair racing league. With about one and a half season done on F1 2017 the core is already established.

There will be two tiers in the league, one that is filled with slightly more skilled drivers than the other to keep both tiers competitive and fun for everyone at the same time.
Races will be held on Thursday's and Friday's every week at 9 pm CEST(Amsterdam time) depending on what tier you drive for. The starting date of the league will be on the 6th of September for Tier 2 and the 7th of September for Tier 1

If you have any interest in a competitive racing league with fair driving as number one priority make sure to read up the following document for more information: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KNDfBDL85tXRIWxqtq5tCKuZHBIQ3t_F/view?usp=sharing

To apply for the league please fill in this form https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1c-BMyKHywXdv0XvCfVzduxVef0rA1S6N0ncBTJXUOzg/   F1 2018 has not yet been released we are using F1 2017 for our benchmark. If you do not own this game there is no need to worry, just fill in the form and you will be able to eventually do the benchmark on F1 2018 (the exact benchmark might be slightly different for F1 2018). We however can not guarantee your spot for the league as it will depend on how many applicants we are getting. 

As for the current form, make sure you correctly do the ping test, with an incorrect ping test your application might get ignored. Go to www.speedtest.net > Change the server to Amsterdam > Share your result with a screenshot or a direct link.

Application’s will be reviewed every few days and a decision will be made accordingly. In some circumstances more, information may be needed before a decision can be made. Once a decision is made you will be added on Steam and have a Discord link send to you. The Discord is used for everything League related.

For any more questions feel free to add me on Steam or ask down below. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198098107035/

-The admin team

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  • xNukesxNukes Member New Car Smell
    Places have started filling up so best apply soon!
    Just a handful of spots left in our Tier 1 league. A few more in Tier 2.

    We do our best to review applications on a daily basis, however it isn't always possible so please, do allow us a couple of days to review each applicant.
  • ChillblastGhanaChillblastGhana Member New Car Smell
    There are still spots available in both tiers! places are filling up so be quick in applying!
  • xNukesxNukes Member New Car Smell
    edited August 18
    Still accepting applications. 

    Get that Austrian time trial done (remember it's below 1:06:6 for Tier 1) and fill the form below!
  • ChillblastGhanaChillblastGhana Member New Car Smell
    Still Accepting applicants! be sure not to miss out!
  • xNukesxNukes Member New Car Smell
    With the release of F1 2018 the time trial benchmark has changed. 
    The benchmark for Tier 1 is now 1:05:0. It is not set in stone as the game has just released, people are still getting used to new setups etc so all applications around this time will be considered for T1.
  • ChillblastGhanaChillblastGhana Member New Car Smell
    Only 2-3 seats remaining in both tiers! last chance to sign up :)
  • SmokinCheese86SmokinCheese86 Member New Car Smell
    hello i have appyled to join either tier but preff teir 1, i can race tonight if available  slots please. i have a mic freindly and clean driver many thanks
  • xNukesxNukes Member New Car Smell
    We have 3 slots remaining as a couple of people dropped out last minute.

    League is starting tomorrow (Thursday the 6th at 9pm CEST) for Tier 2, Tier 1 starts a day later (Friday the 7th at 9pm CEST)!
  • Speedy862Speedy862 Member New Car Smell
    Do you guys not have a discord? //tooshort
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