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My Thoughts on OnRush (from a "Founder")

IanfernoIanferno Member New Car Smell
Hey all, I just wanted to share some thoughts on OnRush. I will make this brief and simple. There is no particular order to this list, I will just list them as they pop up.

A.) I love this game. I love the mechanics and I love the idea of forming teams that function *as a team*. Unfortunately, I don't think people really care. You can use any vehicle type on any map and generally speaking, you'll be ok.
B.) Some of the medals needed to unlock emblems (and the animated version) are really damn hard to get.
C.) I personally paid $75 for the Deluxe Version and got all of the deluxe paint jobs. *I am perfectly happy with paying for that*, because it was more of a "vote of confidence" for what Codemasters was trying to accomplish. Do I actually think the game is *worth* $60.00? Absolutely not. It should've debuted at $24.99, given the amount of content it had. That or it could've been given the Rocket League treatment and been free, with microtransactions for cosmetic stuff.
D.) The main problem I think, and it's already been pointed out by other forum posters, is the very grossly lacking advertising and marketing that didn't go into this game. Nobody knew this game was coming out! Save for maybe the few articles that previewed the game. I believe I found out about it by reading an article on Polygon(?). Could've been IGN, I can't recall at the moment.
E.) I actually believe this game can succeed. I think it would take a full-blown free *week* that would have to be advertised on the PS Store. Give PSN subscribers a deep discount. (I type these ideas down without knowing if this has actually been done. I know there was a European-specific free weekend, but I think they need to go further than that.)


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