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i'm new to f1, loved f1 2016 Demo and looking to f1 2017

rafmaulanarafmaulana Member New Car Smell

Hello to everyone! After my exams have finished for this summer, i had more time for gaming.I played Horizon Zero Dawn(great game by the way).I had this feeling that i want to play something different, then i thought that my last racing game title was need for speed underground on playstaton 2.

Then i started doing some research for racing games on ps4.At some point, i came up looking on those games.Project cars, Driveclube, i also looking at The crew and need for speed(2015) but i i didnt like the fake top speed feeling that the crew had and the always online features that NFS had.

At one point, where i didnt know what to do because of the racing title were coming this fall.~should i get Project cars standar edition or GOTY, wait for the sequel or just get the first one, buy simulation or arcade?~ I navigated my self into the ps store where the demos were.i saw there the f1 2016 demo. I picked it up but i didnt play it immediately because i wasnt into f1 nor i knew anything about it.

Some days after i opened the ps4 and selected f1 to play. You may wonder how things went. Wheelspins, bad braking pounts, too much accidents.I was losing my hopes, but holy **** the feeling of speed, the danger and the overall immersion this game has, its unbelievable.

After some days learing the basic, i wanted more challenges, then i switched off the automatic off.It was pretty easy because i know how to drive manual( i live in europe for those who wonder where i live) When i switched off the others assists, except racing line and Traction control.2 weeks passed(one week ago) playing the demo i switched of all of the assists the 2-3 days was miserable. I was 6-7 seconds slower and couldnt turn without finding myselft out of the track.

2 days know i can say that i improved myself with no assists where i do mistakes at turning but they are much fewer.

I best lap at melbourne is 1:31:200, i know it's not impressive if you look at those youtubers where they do 1:27 minutes but if you consider the fact that in 3 weeks and years of no plays racing and no assists at all, im good with myself.

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