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Driver AI for 2018 Needs a Change.. e.g. Vettel - Raikkonen

I like the general AI level in the games but the AI between teammates isn't realistic and not close to real F1 at all.

And as I see some gameplay Videos for the new F1 2018 game I see the same problem again. More often than not Raikkonen qualifies in front of Vettel or Bottas in front of Hamilton. Seriously..how often does this happen in real F1?

I did 10 seasons in the F1 2017 game and most of the time Raikkonen and Bottas were in front of their teammates in the standings at the end of the year. This is not realism to me. There should be a skill gap between those Mercedes and Ferrari teammates.

And there are more examples for that:

Alonso - Vandoorne

Gasly - Hartley

Leclerc - Ericsson

Magnussen - Grosjean

After 12 races into the 2018 season so far it should be clear who has the edge over the other. It's not realistic for me when Vandoorne is in front of Alonso if it's not a breakout performance from him!

So codies, please adress this for the 2018 game.

That's what I would expect from a "Simulation".


  • patronaspatronas Member Wheel Nut
    Yea something I get annoyed about the cars performance are made to that of real life so why not drivers but to befair from what ive been noticimg past couple seasons is 1 year its vettel next year its riakken like that with merc as well so assuming same for all drivers and to b fair it would be boring knowing who ur title fight is with every time last season I went up against riakken but ladt season I just finished was against vettel what im getting sick of is having the ferrari as my rivals every time even when im not fighting with them on track all season I still get the ferraris as an rival ive only ever had my team mate as rival once and thats when first started game but 7 seasons done and apart from having my teammate as rival hulkenberg when started with renaultthe only other rival ive had is ferrari I know who mh rival is before the comp says
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