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OnRush crashing on Xbox One X during single player races


I purchased the digital deluxe edition of OnRush via Xbox Live a couple of days ago. I'm enjoying the game, only it's crashing when I do single player races. The game will just freeze up mid-race, stay frozen for a few seconds, then it disappears leaving me dumped at the main Xbox home screen.

I've done plenty of online multiplayer races and it's yet to crash during those, so it seems that the issue is just with the single player stuff. It doesn't crash every time I do a single player race, but I can't pinpoint a particular action that's triggering it.

Is this a known issue? Are there any plans to fix it?

Many thanks.


  • spectrumfoxspectrumfox Member New Car Smell
    edited August 14
    The last update ruined this game and turned it into a buggy mess. Everything is broken.

    And especially now that Ranked mode just opened and that's also broken. Suddenly the value of this game dropped off a cliff.
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