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Commercial license

Hey there, any idea how I can get my hands on a commercial license for Dirt Rally? I've sent an email to 
[email protected]
with no response at all. I'm not sure where else to go from here! 


  • UP100UP100 Member Race Engineer
    Did you mean [email protected]?
  • ChristinaMcChristinaMc Member, Codemasters, F1MR testers Community Manager
    Hello! The email address you need is [email protected] - I've just checked with our CS team and they've not received any queries of this nature, so would recommend you send again. :)
  • InsaneGamingAuInsaneGamingAu Member New Car Smell
    Thanks! I've just sent another email now!
  • BurnboxBurnbox Member New Car Smell
    edited September 22
    Hello there,

    We have been having the same problem.  We have sent several e-mails to [email protected] over the past few weeks, inquiring about a commercial license, but have not received any response.

    Is there another e-mail to try?

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