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RS Motor Club

ZalexQcZalexQc Member Unleaded
RS Motor Club dedicated to the ones that race with all the gears dedicated to the online race passion.
Seat, wheel, pedals, shifters... But feel free to join without the gear, we are open minded. ;)
RS stand for Racing Sims :)

We have a Facebook Page:


  • ZalexQcZalexQc Member Unleaded
    We speak English and French Nous parlons Anglais et Francais
  • Krismo10Krismo10 Member New Car Smell
    Bonjour, comment puis je rejoindre votre club ?
  • ZalexQcZalexQc Member Unleaded
    https://racenet.codemasters.com/grid-autosport/club/485/rs-motor-club/roster Si vous entrez ce lien, ca vous offre de vous joindre au club ?
  • ZalexQcZalexQc Member Unleaded
    Krismo10 said:
    Bonjour, comment puis je rejoindre votre club ?
    Quel est votre alias codemaster ? Je m'occupe de vous envoyer l'invitation. :)
  • ZalexQcZalexQc Member Unleaded

    Le club est toujour en recrutement, we still recruit ! :)

  • GTQCZalexGTQCZalex Member New Car Smell

    I'm using my second account (GTQC-Zalex on PSN) as my Zalex account is pleaged with a corrupted save game since a month... 
    See you on the track !

    GTQCZalex (GTQC-Zalex on PSN)
    ZalexQc (Zalex on PSN)
    President of RS Motor Club,
    In clean tag we trust (white dot) !

  • ZalexQcZalexQc Member Unleaded
    edited September 2014

    Here we go with the save corruption saga, both my acounts a locked dead with that pleage.

    Can't play anymore.

    Update: That been fixed with the patch...

    Post edited by ZalexQc on
  • ZalexQcZalexQc Member Unleaded
    RS Motor Club is offering 100% reduction on club membership today.
    Dont miss it !!! ;)

    We are looking for fast and clean drivers,
    only taking the ones that care about keeping the white pin of honnor. 

    So when you join in a session with team members, you know you should expect clean races, enjoy it ! :)
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