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Issue With Thurstmast F430 Wheel

I used my Thurstmaster F430 ffb wheel for F1 2017 with no issues, however I cannot get it to work with Gird Autosport. Every time its just stuck turning all the way to the left. I tried changing to a controller in game then changing back to the wheel in order to "reset" it to no avail. Any solution? I would love to not play on an xbox controller, but for now I am stuck. I know it works with other codemaster games and it lists the f430 as a supported wheel. Thanks.


  • LoggyLoggy Member Unleaded
    I would try not using the detect wheel and set by actioning the wheel/peds on the controls page, if I autoset/detect my Fanatec it just goes nuts. Set each action by wheel rotation and pedal push, as long as the controller is alive in windows game controllers it should work.
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