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Question about wheels (PC)

DillzerDillzer Member New Car Smell
Hi All, 
I'm excited for the new F1 2018 game. 
I've been playing F1 2017 on the pad but want to upgrade to a wheel. I was looking at the Ferrari 458 spider wheel(about 80 pounds) but I'm not sure it would be compatible on the pc. It said the " 458 rim" was compatible on Xbox on the blog.
I was looking at the Hori apex wheel as well but that got poor reviews. If anyone has any knowledge of the best route to take on a sub 100 pounds/euros wheel for the game, please help me out.
Originally posted this in leagues by accident


  • Ho3n3rHo3n3r Member Race Steward
    Good question. Have not seen minimum or recommended specs released anywhere either.

    /inb4 peasant "Should be similar to previous versions"
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