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So attempting to drive through a Welsh Forest stage in the pitch black and monsoon rain on today's on-line "Daily Delta" I was thinking about how so many Dev's and players like to attribute the word 'realism' to it....... Now interestingly enough I am not Welsh but my parents buying a garage/service station in mid Wales means I am extremely au fait with Welsh forestry just like that portrayed in this Dirt game ....... Indeed at age 13 I had my own car in the local forestry where I taught myself to drive and and drive fast.... Of course as I became 17/18 I started to rally on the same forestry and race off road bikes on them as well ... So unlike I guess nearly every single other person reading this I have experience which simply put....  You do not.

So to realism, that drive I did was not realistic I couldn't see properly and in real life you would not do that ... You would not risk your life but far more importantly, you would not risk damaging your car for no good reason. First because you love your car so you spend hours and hours ignoring your wife and probably kids to work on it.... Your children wear rages and your wife sits on orange boxes because all the money goes into the car.

Which got me thinking, if you want to strive toward ever more supposed realism then the answer is clear .... Credit card... You give your credit card details to the game and every time you crash, blow a part or need tyres, then you get charged in the real world on your credit card...... Not full price of course, it's a game right? But maybe 10% ..... so maybe $/€/£ 6 for a tyre, $/€/£100 for every $/€/£1,000 on the game ....... Then you'd really understand why privateers which you all are, do not rush about, try to not crash and ruin their cares and don't race when they cannot see.

Or you can take my view, it is just a game and not being able to see is plain dumb. In real life you can see, yes even in torrential rain in a black forest because you are there, in it, living it, not vicariously living a faux via a screen.

So a simple enough poll suggestion .......

1) Real life reality, bill me!!
2) Just a game, please, someone get over yourselves.

Realism 8 votes

Real life experience for me please... Charge my card!!!
SamRWDLiverpoolrule19Norbert1957Hesnik1012 4 votes
I'm just playing a game here folks......
Ho3n3rilikefastMazier777LeMoine 4 votes


  • SkiddyMcCrashSkiddyMcCrash Member Champion
    Please, please, please, show us the evidence of your rallying past. Otherwise your posts just look like a troll posting ramblings in a futile attempt to get Codies to reinstate rewinds in a game.
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  • boganibogani Member Champion
    This guy is pretty full of himself, insinuating that nobody else on here have any experience without having the slightest clue.

    His endless attempts of bringing back rewinds are pretty entertaining though. Keep it up! 
  • KittyFit90KittyFit90 Member Wheel Nut
    edited August 2018
    Do players get to bill codemasters when the physics engine has a spaz and the car bounces off a pebble into a fence? LOL

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    I am such a nerd LOL

    Hey all I am away till the end of Jan, on a dig in NZ. 
  • tbtstttbtstt Member Champion
    Fair play to those of you who made it all the way through that post. I got as far as the initial claims about rally "experience" and my disbelief overwhelmed any desire I had to continue reading. 

    "If In Doubt, Flat Out!"

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