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Only seeing two cockpit views not six in Dirt 4

snarlypower7773snarlypower7773 Member New Car Smell
Hi, I am a complete newbie to Dirt 4, only installed it two days ago.  I am having a problem with cockpit view, I am using a Logitech G920 wheel as the input source.  When I press the "Y" button it changes cockpit view but I only have two options, seeing the steering wheel and dash or seeing the windscreen and scuttle.  The odd thing is my son started it up on my Xbox and used his Xbox account and he gets all six views.  All the game preferences are the same so I am completely baffled by this.  I would prefer to have a view of the bonnet so that I can see more of the track, the view with wheel and dash is poor because the roll cage obscures left hand turns in a LWD vehicle.  Please can anyone help an old guy; thanks in advance.
Regards John
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