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  • Soupy1985Soupy1985 Member Unleaded
    Update: Setups for every track now complete.
  • Mattd9696Mattd9696 Member New Car Smell
    is the site down doesnt seem to load     
  • mounir410mounir410 Member New Car Smell
    It doesnt load the set ups it keeps loading i really need a sauber, baku set up

  • WegotspeedWegotspeed Member New Car Smell
    Be nice if you can actually download the setups. Issue with the site the setups will not download  :#
  • CorsoPSNCorsoPSN Member New Car Smell
    It was working perfectly yesterday. Then when I tried to check it out this morning, the website wouldn't load, and that seems to be the issue still.

    Hopefully it's a quick fix.

    I may not be "the best", but I never cheat, I never glitch, and I never cry over a clean loss... so I might be better than you.

  • Soupy1985Soupy1985 Member Unleaded
    Hey Guys, Sorry for the last few hours of downtime, we didn't expect this amount of support on our site. www.f1carsetup.com #f12018
  • UP100UP100 Member Petrol Head
    A great site that is usually the place for me to get my F1 2011 setups... Seriously I'm not joking I was playing through F1 2011...
  • Matt4y04Matt4y04 Member New Car Smell
    Ggdfvbhhgag h djkhdvhdnyfnrhyfh r krhtgjrggzcghtkugignugn
  • JuanDiegoMacapaJuanDiegoMacapa Member New Car Smell
    This seems to have a problem,whenever I click on one of the tracks for setups it doesn’t open
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