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Project Pitch: DiRT Trilogy Remix for PC & Switch

DiRT 3 is the foundation for the game

Add all tracks from DiRT 1, DiRT 2 & DiRT 3
Add all circuits from DiRT Showdown
Add all stages and mountain tracks from GRID 2, because I guess Pikes Peak is no option?
Add all possible cars you have licenses for that fit to the game.

So we have:
Hillclimb ( GRID 2 Mountain Tracks )

We could have a full Rally-Championship with:
Finland, Kenia, Monte Carlo, UK, Spain, Croatia, Morocco, Michigan, Australia, Norway, Italy & Germany!
And for variety there are all the other game modes.
Adding a coop-campaign similar to the F1 Games.

Why just PC & Switch?
Visuals may be too dated for Current Gen so it might be a perfect fit for the lower hardware-power for the Switch where the game should run at 1080p 60fps by now.
Why also PC? Because I actually don't want to buy a Switch :D , but the Switch would make this project financial viable.
Maybe 30 bucks on each plattform.
Also as a digital only release on PS4 and XONE maybe not a bad choice?

Project Pitch: DiRT Trilogy Remix for PC & Switch 19 votes

Yes Please!
JackKey 1 vote
Oh God, NO!
Just play the old games...
Fedemaisonnave 1 vote
Waste of resources...
SamRWDDytutSirPhilMcKraken 3 votes
I want them to focus on DiRT Rally 2.0
KingOfCoinswarpengagegtmissionJepserttiBigsurJulo264Accro2008Haris33PolarClawShodanCatkheiro 11 votes
Make this project a sim and I am on board!
DanielsV 1 vote
A DiRT Game for Switch would indeed be nice.
Oscar97LittleApple 2 votes


  • theravenousbeastheravenousbeas Member New Car Smell
    I like the idea, really 1 is one of my favorite games,  but the problem with remastering old games like these is the licences. It's just far too much of a hassle for developers.
  • JackKeyJackKey Member Wheel Nut
    Yes Please!
    Well, the idea was to strip out the licensed content like music and cars and make it its own product.

    I don't know if Codemasters owns a general license for each car or if licensed cars are tied to a specific game.
    So I thought. Just add cars to the game where Codemasters has a license for.

    And as far as my knowledge goes british trees don't need to be licensed for games, so tracks should be safe xD
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