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Club section needs Order

mikevoltz1mikevoltz1 Member Wheel Nut
edited July 2014 in GRID Games - Clubs
I see all these Threads for new clubs, and that's great but we have three distinct platforms here not to mention many different regions and time zones.

Club section needs Order 14 votes

Do you think we should have sub forums for Xbox, PC, PS3?
mikevoltz1red223BioShockerUKMyGamingIDGaz7676killswitchmadBadDanME 7 votes
Edit the Thread Titles to include [PC], [Xbox], [PS3]
SlanexTACOLOVERxxElitePanzonLewisBCR6RatsAzzMetalLink 6 votes
Or continue with the confusion that ensues.
DJ007 1 vote


  • MetalLinkMetalLink Member New Car Smell
    Edit the Thread Titles to include [PC], [Xbox], [PS3]
    Titles can be clearer and more informative. There's no real need to segregate the sub-forums further.
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