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F1 2018 Radio Output problem [Xbox one version 1.03]Radio Output pt1

ShavedwolfShavedwolf Member New Car Smell
I've had problem trying to switch from default (tv) to headphones so the race engineer can talk to me in game. When I go into the audio options, the option for radio out put is greyed out/locked. The headphones I use are the standard ones that were supplied with console. I tried the headphones with last season's game and works, not sure if it's an issue with game or not supported??? (is the latter is even possible) anyone else had this problem? forgot to add that it was a download off xbox/microsoft store.


  • CarloLewisCarloLewis Member New Car Smell
    Bump. I was going to create a post for the exact same issue. Having Jeff speak through my headset as in 2017 is a lot easier to understand and immersive.
  • golfmanTurbogolfmanTurbo Member New Car Smell
    I’m having the same issue. I use the standard Xbox one headset that worked perfectly fine on F1 2017
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