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[PC] G29 has no FFB on F1 2018

I have no FFB with my G29 wheel. Only the vibration works. I reinstalled logitech utility, set wheel range at 180 then 360 degrees but worthless...
Anybody having the same issue ?


  • Dario3094309840Dario3094309840 Member New Car Smell
    i have the same problem! ffb is a very ****! same problem in f1 2016. this is last codemaster's game...
  • paul5555paul5555 Member New Car Smell
    Tried the game for the first time today on PC with G920 (basically the same wheel). There is some force feedback but it seems very light and not right. That can't be how it's meant to be? I tried bumping up the FFB in settings and various other settings but it made no difference. I checked that the G920 is up to date on firmware
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