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Controls for driving games on mobile

T2garageT2garage Member New Car Smell
I have been gradually learning how to operate Grid Autosport on my iPad, and I’m finding it really hard. The tilt steering works great (when the cars don’t handle like pigs), but the brake and accelerator on a touch screen are simply awful. They are binary on/off switches, and the game is unforgiving about it. Real Racing 3, by comparison, is stupid easy to drive with no assists, but Grid really needs the ability to control how much throttle you’re applying, not just stomp-and-lift. This could easily be done with a vertical bar at the edge of the screen that acts as a throttle slider: slide up for more gas, down for less. Same thing for the brake. 

Hey codemasters! Are you open to suggestions and adding this feature to the control layout on mobile in a future release? I won’t even ask to get paid for coming up with the idea. 
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