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Opaque halo?

Trying to use cockpit cam for F1 2018 career, but the halo centre bar is solid. Would it be possible to make it semi see -through, and adjust its level of opacity, like you do with the HUD? I know there’s an option to switch it off, but that’s not realistic. In real life wouldn’t the driver’s stereoscopic vision make it a blur?


  • VirtuaIceManVirtuaIceMan Member Petrol Head
    There's an option to make the centre bar see though, check though the options
  • MegaboostGcGMegaboostGcG Member New Car Smell
    You will find this under 'Camera Settings'.
  • PapaDrewbzPapaDrewbz Member New Car Smell
    The option just takes the bar away. What I’m saying is, could it have been made semi-see-through, like when you hold your finger in front of your eyes, then look into the distance?
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