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F1 2018 Safety Car - AI overtakes, ghosting

SmiXSmiX Member Unleaded
  • Platform you’re on : Xbox One X
  • Game Version : 1.03
  • Game Mode : Career
  • What happened in the lead up to the problem?: AI ignores safety car and overtakes, randomly I get ghosted behind SC and AI overtakes me, SC started after flashback without any reason
  • Any accessories you are using (wheel, pad, etc): Thrustmaster TX with F1 wheel
  • Used rules : no assists, AI on 80, SC ON, Strict corner cutting, 25% race length
... well, I've encountered this bug in previous years and all promises to fix it looks like a lies ... I understand, that a mistake can happen, but this bug was reported last year multiple times (including me) and forced me to uninstall twice the F1 2017 and then never come back! So I hope Codemasters doesn't ignore this bug anymore and will fix this in 2018. It really makes me angry again, because I was hour in practice and qualification and now get a ruined race because of SC.

Anyway, I have now two suspects for causing this ... First one is flashbacking. And second one is a mechanical failures on the car.
During initial laps, Jeff told me he sees some wear on multiple components and they will not give me 100% of power. Lap before the captured incident happened, I've lost a gear (not sure which one, because 4-8 were working great. Anyway, I am now slower so Ricciardo was faster and catched me in on the straight up to turn 2, but he didn't overtake me, he crashed into me and caused a terminal damage as I crashed the wall on left. I flashbacked before and made sure that he has plenty of space for his overtake as I struggle with pace. Anyway, after flashback, a SC message apeared and he slowed, so I was able to stay on the first place. After one turn, the video starts. Ricciardo overtakes me ...
... Then I flashbacked and blocked him during the lap, changed my strategy so I pitted and got behind the SC with Grosjean behind me, I got ghosted and he has overtaken me as he drive through me. I flashbacked and again tried to block. After few tries, I got 5 seconds penalty for major crash with Grosjean as he crashed again into me and broke his wings ... I flashbacked ... I flashbacked ... I flashbacked ... I really hate the game again now.
  • Now I think if the AI see, that I have some mechanical damage on the car as I lost a gear and multiple components are failing so I am now slower in the race and they overtakes me very quickly.
  • Also, I haven't found any reason for the SC, it simply started as I flashbacked after terminal damage to my car
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  • CompLex1986CompLex1986 Member Wheel Nut
    This bug is still in the game. I play on PC by the way. What happens is that your car can suddenly ghost in the queue behind the SC and then the AI cars behind you will overtake you before you become solid again.
  • Hades1275Hades1275 Member New Car Smell
    That's odd I thought 1.15 is meant to have fixed the flashback SC bug.
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