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Classic car manual clutch pedal for H-Shifter with Thrustmasters TS-PC Racer & TH8A Shifter

ghh01ghh01 Member New Car Smell

F1 2018 or 2017 game classic car manual clutch pedal for H-Shifter does it work for Thustmaster Wheels? I have a TS-PC Racer Wheel and the clutch setting never seems to use the two game clutch settings except for starting a race. The TH8A Shifter works to change gears and neutral, just the clutch pedal is of no use that I can find in F1 2018 or F1 2017 very confusing. I have found a manual clutch setting just don't understand if it only works with Fanatec wheel and Pedals or other wheels. I have been looking on Codemasters support page and it seems to work for Fanatec wheel setups.


  • ghh01ghh01 Member New Car Smell
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    F1 2018 or 2017 game classic car manual clutch pedal for H-Shifter, how does it work for Thustmaster  TS-PC Racer Open Wheel? My T3PA Pro Clutch does nothing except register as "0" in  game custom settings. In classic car Time Trial it is a nothing since, TH8A H-Shifter works without a clutch and clutch has no effect on the anything in Time Trail mode. 
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  • SomeCallMeTimSomeCallMeTim Member New Car Smell
    I use a Thrustmaster TX wheel with the F1 rim the TH8A shifter and T3PA Pro peddles and shifting with the stick and clutch works fine with the classic cars both in F1 2017 and F1 2018.
  • ghh01ghh01 Member New Car Smell
    To SomeCallMeTim,
    How did you setup your T3PA Pro Clutch pedal in F1 2018? I have registered the clutch pedal  "0" in just manual clutch control settings and I left sequential clutch as default right paddle "2". Tried to set both to the clutch pedal "0" in F1 2017 for time trials but, I never got it to work right. Seems like, I am missing one step or setting.

    Where is CodeMasters' documentation for F1 2018 or F1 2017? This doesn't seem like it should be this confusing to find basic wheel and pedal setup information from Codemasters or Thrustmaster.  Might even be a nice useful video for someone on YouTube?
  • ghh01ghh01 Member New Car Smell
    Acerees said:
    Kane456 said:
    Hey Guys I play f1 2017 on a logitech weel it has a clutch foot pedal but no clutch finger paddles, I was wondering why there is a manual clutch option and just regular clutch option, and 2 separate options for the clutch, I want to make it as real and hard as possible, at the moment i just use a button for the clutch does that mean its easier? Is it better to have a thrustmaster wheel ? On the thrustmaster wheel can you us clutch paddles instead of just a normal button on the logitech, thanks 
    I haven't tested this but I believe there are two clutches because of modern f1 cars and historic F1 being different.  So in modern cars you can set the sequential gear shifter to be the clutch as well by holding it and then releasing it when you want to launch.  

    However in old F1 cars they actually had a gear shifter and therefore had three pedals like a normal road car.  This is believed to be one of the many reasons Senna was so good because he had a fantastic heel to toe technique (using his left foot to operate the clutch and his right foot to press the brake and the accelerator at the same time to keep his revs up and get maximum torque from the turbo which used to have hourendous lag in low revs).  So you should set that clutch pedal to your third pedal and for ultimate realism you should have a H pattern shifter as well.
  • ghh01ghh01 Member New Car Smell
    I am still confused about the manual clutch setting for Thrustmaster wheels and shifters on PC? Nothing seems to make the clutch pedal work like a normal car clutch pedal as I would expect. I get how to use the default sequential launch start paddle clutch but, classic h-pattern shifting seems wrong in F1 2018 and F1 2017.
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