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F1 2018(PC) Logitech G29 force feedback problems

GhstWahleGhstWahle Member New Car Smell
The resistance of the wheel feels like it doesn't exist. The force feedback pulls to the right only, it has pulled me off the track several times when relaxing down a straight. 
I have reinstalled drivers and I have tried other games to see if it is the wheel, but it works fine in other games (Rfactor 2, Project Cars 2, Assetto Corsa)
I have changed many setting in the Logitech driver and in-game ffb settings.
is anyone else having this problem? 


  • SatanicChoirboySatanicChoirboy Member New Car Smell
    I was having the same problem a few days ago but I fired up the game today and my FFB has seemed to have stopped completely.

  • fmejiasalasfmejiasalas Member New Car Smell
    I had the same problem.

    In F1 2018, control settings, Delete the profile of the steering wheel you have and select Logitech G29 again, edit the buttons and save a new profile.
  • Barrikada71Barrikada71 Member Unleaded
    Today we ran the Canadian GP in the online Championship and the steering wheel was losing strength, I even ran out of FFB. Please Codemasters since they do not know how to fix a faulty game I ask you a favor, do not make more F1 games, you do not have NPI. Thank you.
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