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[PC] G29 settings F1 2018

heideldrumheideldrum Member, Drivers Pit Crew
thought it would be nice, to share the wheel-settings between G29-users. I'm still tweaking it a bit, so I'd like to share mine later. Anybody of you G29-users already 100% happy and willing to share your experience? Then post your ingame- and LGS-settings here.
AND: Do you also always have to open the LGS-software to play F12018? I have to start it and leave it running in the background. Also I always have to go to tge LGS wheel-settings and jump into the rotation-setting, otherwise the steering ingame has nearly none effect.
Thanks for some tips & thoughts & happy driving.

MSI GT62VR 7RE - GTX 1070   Logitech G29
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