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AI level


In career mode on F1 2018, I’m at the level 90 but I want to change for 92 or more. Where I can change this level. I know on the opus 2017, you can change between to race. 


  • MailliveMaillive Member New Car Smell
    I'm having the same issue. the only fix is to start a new one :(
  • supersnelsupersnel Member New Car Smell
    You can change it during two races. You have to be very quick and can only be done once. That is once between races. There's no other way to change it.
    Spamming buttons between races is immensely advised. Once you get it, you can go to race settings and change it there. It won't be greyed out then, but you have to be very quick to respond fast enough.
  • mikedelhmikedelh Member New Car Smell
    Okay thanks I will see next ending race.
  • CaptainAustCaptainAust Member Petrol Head
    Its the 'options' button, when you are able to use it you will see the press options for settings in the bottom right of the loading screen 
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